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About Heatco

Heatco Company is a leading manufacturer of boilers in the Arab Republic of Egypt since 1971. It holds a significant market share in the field of boilers and central heating systems. Today, we offer a wide range of products that serve heating applications in various industries, residential use, healthcare, and recreational areas. All our products are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with international codes, while providing the necessary technical support before, during, and after sales to meet and satisfy customer requirements.

Company History

Heatco Company, a leading manufacturer of boilers, is established in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Heatco becomes one of the first private companies to obtain a license for manufacturing multi-path horizontal boilers, competing with government-owned steam boiler companies.


Heatco factory is developed to include CNC machines and plasma welding cutting machines for manufacturing and production according to TÜV Standards.

Egyptian universities, such as Ain Shams University and Cairo University, begin using Hiteco's equipment as educational tools in their engineering laboratories.

Heatco becomes the largest supplier of boilers and tanks for the armed forces and hospitals in Egypt.

  • Heatco establishes a partnership with Tipton Oklahoma for manufacturing solar energy complexes.
  • Heatco starts supplying its products to Arab countries.
  • Heatco establishes a branch in Saudi Arabia named Al-Amiriya.
  • Heatco International is established.
  • Heatco International enters into a partnership with the German boiler manufacturing company "HAGGER KESSEL" and starts producing products according to new designs approved by supervisory bodies such as Lloyd's Register.

Heatco International wins the "Century International Quality ERA" award for after-sales services in Geneva.


Heatco International is a partner of many leading European companies such as Roth Werke Gmbg, Giacomini SPA, Cordivari Srl, Coterm, Radiatori 2000 SPA, and NOUVA IMAS Srl.


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